Arnas Aleksandravicius

Dr. Arnas Aleksandravičius

We help organizations succeed by delivering human insights.

At Humanity Insights, we adapt to your needs.

Whether you need in-depth, strategic insights to support your long-term goals, or specific, actionable insights to quickly improve your performance, we can do it.

Whether you need us on an ongoing basis, or for one, specific research project, we can do it.

With every collaboration, you can count on our expertise and willingness to adapt to your priorities.

Uncover insights that deliver maximum impact.

We are passionate about understanding human needs.

You’ve heard this called a million different names. 

User research. UX research. Customer research. Consumer research. Market research. Design research. Usability research.

It all comes down to really understanding humans.

We do it by carefully selecting and executing the most appropriate methods:

  • Interviews 
  • Surveys 
  • Concept / Prototype / Usability tests 
  • Diary studies 
  • Ethnographic studies / Observations 
  • Group sessions 
  • Journey mapping 
  • Persona mapping 
  • Competitive analysis / Benchmarking 
  • Heuristic evaluations


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Eglė Gaižauskaitė
UX Designer

"Working with Arnas is truly an eye-opening experience that helped me understand UX research and apply it in my work. Arnas always provides valuable insights and detailed advice on UX research thinking, methods, metrics, and analysis, among many other things. I strongly recommend his services and products to anyone starting their UX research journey!"