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User Research

User Research

Gain an in-depth knowledge about your users and their needs. Make strategic decisions with fewer risks.

Qualitative Market Research

Market Research

Learn about your potential customers and their habits in the context of your products or services.

Usability Testing

Product Testing and Evaluation

Understand how customers experience your products or services. Improve their satisfaction.

Arnas Aleksandravicius

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Meet Arnas, the research geek around here.

Dr. Arnas Aleksandravičius is the driving force behind Humanity Insights.

Since 2016, Arnas has been conducting or leading research projects for businesses and public sector organizations. 

He is an expert in identifying study goals, creating research design, and generating actionable insights from data. 

Arnas specializes in User Experience research. In other words, he studies the experiences, needs, behaviors, and motivations of humans to inform organizational decisions, including product and service design.

Whatever your topic, Arnas will oversee a timely and high-quality delivery.

Sarunas Matulevicius testimonial

Šarūnas Matulevičius
Head of Product

"Arnas singlehandedly pushed our company's UX research efforts to the next level. With the help of his, we were able to implement the best practices of knowing our users better and this has brought quantifiable results across the whole product lifecycle."

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